Inhedron Smart Ventilation

Not surprisingly ventilation can account for as much as 50% of the total energy consumption of a mine.A more effective management regimes — bringing the supply of ventilation in line with actual demand — can yield significant cost savings from existing assets.

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Inhedron solutions for mining allow to cut ventilation energy costs by 54% and air heating costs by 21%.

automatic control

Full scale ventilation on demand solution with automatic control of the ventilation equipment according to actual demand. Ventilation demands are dynamically calculated from mine production schedules & events and event equipment status and location.

Mine Ventilation Optimization

SmartAir utilizes sensor feedbacks and advanced multivariable control technology to perform mine wide control and optimization of air flows and air quality while minimizing energy consumption in real-time.

Fresh air when and where you need it

Inhedron provides a controlled ventilation system that delivers fresh air where and when it is needed. At the same time, it minimizes the use of energy through the utilization of on-demand functionality, which yields 30 – 50 % savings compared to normal installed power. The system also improves the safety conditions through built in functionality in case of fire such as preventing spread of smoke and enabling faster exhaust of hazardous fire gases.

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