Optimize Farming Decisions and Increase Productivity

Improve Crop Yields

Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency with IoT Enabled Smart Agriculture.


What is in for you?

Population growth and limited resources put pressure on growers to produce more with less. Farmers must contend with increasing water shortages, limited land availability, and fluctuating costs. Innovative IoT applications are helping farmers overcome these challenge. They can leverage sensors, smart gateways, and monitoring systems and collect and analyze information and make more informed decisions.

For example farmers can

Monitor and analyze soil moisture and control irrigation equipment.

Use precision agriculture to measure and respond to inter and intra-field variability in crops.

Determine which seeds to plant and when to harvest

Control pests and utilize organic farming techniques such as pheromone delivery to disrupt mating patterns.

Benefits of IoT for agriculture include

Increased productivity

Improved water utilization

Resource optimization