Track Valuable Assets and Create New Service Opportunities

Reduce Risk and Get Real-Time Information to Improve Operations

Secure tracking of the location and health of valuable assets and inventory is critical to business operations. Remote tracking of equipment, fleets and more allows companies to reduce risk, save money and create new revenue streams.

Connected assets integrated with business applications give companies the ability to

Simplify Operations – track and manage multiple assets and inventory worldwide.
Reduce costs – locate and identify lost or stolen items; replace inventory at the right time.
Make more informed business decisions – extract real-time, business information.
Optimize fleet usage and deployment – monitor usage to “right-size” your fleet and reroute it as needed.
Respond to critical issues faster – monitor event alerts and take immediate action.
Dynamic power consumption – by receiving signals from energy suppliers and altering usage in response, a smart building ensures the lowest possible energy costs and can generate revenue by selling load reductions back to the grid.

Optimize Fleet Performance and Improve Customer Service

inhedron makes it simple for companies to connect and manage all their assets from a single Web-based IoT Portal. Powered by the inhedron IoT Platform, the easy-to-use portal includes a comprehensive set of connectivity management features and visualization tools and dashboards for effective asset tracking and management.