Accelerate Time to Market for Automotive IoT Applications

Gain a Competitive Edge by Enabling New Services and Improving Customer Satisfaction

Connected cars and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer numerous opportunities for both consumer and automotive manufactures. For consumers, connected cars means integration with entertainment, traffic and navigation information and advanced features such as remote diagnostics and maintenance, safety and emergency assistance. For manufacturers, connected cars and telematics enable valuable insights to vehicle operation and performance, remote diagnostics and safety services for the lifetime of a vehicle and create better “stickiness” with customers.

IoT enabled vehicles means automotive companies can

Upgrade software features remotely – cars take longer to develop and have a much longer lifecycle than software. The ability to upgrade software remotely means connected cars are less likely to become obsolete before consumers are ready to replace them.

Improve design processes – carmakers can collect and analyze data generated by connected cars to better understand customer preferences and vehicle usage and leverage this data to improve design decisions.

Create customer stickiness with advanced services – for example, vehicle electronics can anticipate road conditions using digital mapping and crowd sourced data.

Connect Vehicles to Enterprise Applications.

Connect vehicles to any web-based and mobile apps and enterprise systems. inhedron makes it easy with a complete end-to-end IoT solution including automotive modules, connectivity services, and a web-based IoT Portal powered by the inhedron IoT Platform..