As the global leader in IoT enablement, we make developing best-in-class applications easy. Our IoT Engine is designed to provide streamlined-simplicity enabling you to remove complexity from your application development roadmap and get to work quickly. As an application developer, you’re tasked with integrating complex infrastructures of distributed devices and software, so selecting the right IoT enablement partner is crucial. inhedron has the global reach and multi-tier resources to support your initiative at every stage in its development cycle. Our unified platform provides a broad selection of value-added modules that work seamlessly with our professional development support services. Leverage a total solution and take advantage of our best-in-class development, support, and validation/certification services to build your next-generation IoT application, quickly and cost-effectively.

inhedron IoT Portal

Our IoT Portal operates at the core of your IoT infrastructure as a unified platform of services that makes it easy to connect your “things” to your “apps”. Seamlessly integrate any edge-device, production asset or remote sensor with any app or back-office system. The IoT Portal enterprise-grade control center includes a powerful Connected Device Platform (CDP) that consolidates information into a single easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re managing thousands of IoT devices distributed worldwide or just starting out, the inhedron IoT Portal provides you a complete range of enterprise-grade features, tools and resources. In addition, enjoy full access to high-quality maintenance, professional 24/7 support and ongoing upgrades so you can focus on building apps, not infrastructure.

inhedron for Factory

inhedron for Factory streamlines connectivity and data integration between dissimilar FAB components in complex manufacturing environments. Our industrial automation software decreases installation and maintenance costs by eliminating the use of intermediate PC technology resulting in enhanced security and reduced system integration cycles. Furthermore, inhedron for Factory is compatible with virtually any database, message queuing and application server available. Discover how inhedron for Factory can help you seamlessly integrate proprietary manufacturing equipment, networks and back-office systems and easily navigate complex data layers to provide you with the actionable intelligence you need.

Free Portal Trial

inhedron understands the importance of the evaluation process. Our trial provides you with a unified IoT platform of easy-to-use features that make it easy to connect monitor and manage all your “things”. Whether you’re planning to deploy thousands of devices or just a few to start out, the inhedron IoT Portal offers complete access to a range of enterprise-grade features, tools and resources. The trial includes access to our developer kit with extensive resource libraries for rapid prototyping. Our trial has no time limit and includes an allotment of 10 connected devices and 10MB of Cloud storage, so you can focus on building apps, not infrastructure. Apply for your free trial and discover the many benefits of the unified inhedron IoT Portal.