Streamline Building Automation Conserve Energy, Reduce Costs and Improve Security

Smart building – the digital and physical integration and automation of building, technology and energy systems – reduce operating costs, improve occupancy services, and minimize the building’s impact on the environment.

Smart Building enable

Optimization of lighting, utilities, and HVAC – systems can be dynamically adjusted to save money by matching occupancy patterns and desired comfort levels to energy use

Real-time monitoring of building systems to prevent loss of critical assets – intelligent sensors can detect temperature changes or water pressure variations and alert operational systems to take action before catastrophe strikes.

Dynamic power consumption – by receiving signals from energy suppliers and altering usage in response, a smart building ensures the lowest possible energy costs and can generate revenue by selling load reductions back to the grid.

Save Money with an IoT Enabled Smart Building Solution

Transform facilities management and ensure compliance with green building standards. inhedron’s end-to-end IoT solution makes it easy to monitor and optimize all the systems in your buildings simply and affordably.