Manage Transportation Needs More Effectively

Improve Safety and Reduce Environmental Impact

Burgeoning demand on the use of transportation infrastructures is increasing congesting and costing billions of dollars in lost time and wasted fuel. Congestion is having a negative impact on the environment and increasing the risk of vehicle accidents. Communities are being pressured by regulators to reduce pollution. City managers are being pressured by retailers to ensure easy accessibility to shopping centers and recreational activities.

Smart transportation - IoT connected transportation assets – enables the ability to

Alert drivers and emergency responders to trip conditions and offer alternative routes.

Reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Provide smart parking solutions that identify available spaces.

Improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists

Identify structural issues of bridges, roadways and tunnels

Provide smart lighting and security monitoring to create safer streets

Get Real-Time Visibility into Traffic Conditions.

Connect and monitor transportation assets with an end-to-end, scalable and secure IoT solution that includes a centralized web-based IoT Portal that seamlessly integrates with web-based and mobile apps and enterprise systems.