As the global leader in IoT enablement, we remove complexity from the integrated IoT product development process. Our IoT Engine is designed to provide streamlined-simplicity enabling you to rapidly develop viable IoT products and get them to market quickly. Integrating your product design with diverse assets, interfaces and standards is often complex and time-consuming, but with inhedron behind you, this step is seamless. Our broad range of cellular and satellite communication modules are built on robust Intel or Qualcomm chipset platforms and embedded with inhedron inhedron software, our flagship integration solution. In addition, we provide a rich set module connectivity options including APIs, a simplified AT command library and Cloud-to-Cloud connectors. As a product developer you know that building best-in-class IoT solutions goes beyond selecting trending technologies de jour. Selecting a single-source IoT enablement partner with the products, tools and resources to support your project at each stage in its development cycle, is crucial. Leverage the total solution and take advantage of our portfolio of interchangeable modules and inhedron professional development and validation/certification support services.


Discover, Share and Learn on the inhedron Tech Forum

Access the inhedron Technical Forum and join this quickly growing online IoT community to exchange experiences and knowledge with your industry colleagues, experts, and partners. The Forum was developed to bring our international customers and collaborators together in via single easy-to-use, comprehensive and innovative platform. System integrators, developers and partner companies can exchange opinions and ideas openly and freely through this one-of-a-kind forum experience.

The inhedron Download Zone

Access our comprehensive library of resources and reference material on the inhedron Download Zone. Documentation on our product lines and IoT services is fully available with no restrictions. Additional developer and reference documentation is also available inside the inhedron Download Zone for official inhedron distributors, direct customers and partners. Lean more about how our products and services at the inhedron Download Zone.

Browse inhedron IoT Modules

A module for every job in IoT enablement. Click and check out a portfolio of cellular, GNSS and short-to-long range wireless modules to suit your exact needs and specifications. inhedron cellular IoT modules come in a variety of footprints, technologies and certification profiles. GNSS modules pair easily with the cellular modules to provide you with an abbreviated time to market with minimal technical risk and exceptional performance. Remove all remaining cords connecting peripheral sensors, actuators, displays, and others with pre-certified wireless data modules operating in license-free spectrum in technologies like ZigBee and Wireless M-bus.

inhedron Development & Evaluation Kits

As a inhedron solution provider, our development kits provide you with a complete evaluation environment to thoroughly explore and test our IoT solutions. We offer three flexible evaluation packages depending on your needs: A Starter-Kit that provides one SIM card for 4-6 weeks with a 10MB allowance; A Pilot-Kit that provides up to 100 SIM cards for 3 months; and an Evaluation-Kit that provides one SIM card for 12 months and a 6MB allowance. All our kits come standard with global coverage, SIMs that support multiple local MNOs, access to E-Portal, training and optional APN/VPN. Apply for your developer kit and start building your best-in-class IoT application today.

Free SIM Trial from IoT Connectivity

inhedron understands the importance of the evaluation process. Our no-risk SIM trial was created to provide future customers with complete access to the IoT Connectivity suite of network services. The trial was designed to help you evaluate our convenient, easy-to-use web based management tools in your own time and compare them with competing solutions on the market. Learn how to easily provision, connect, manage and troubleshoot your IoT deployment. Our rate plans are tailored to your connectivity needs and our management tools provide detail oversight of your account, right down to individual SIMs or subscriptions. Apply for your free SIM trial and discover the power of a unified IoT Connectivity solution.

Free Portal Trial

inhedron understands the importance of the evaluation process. Our trial provides you with a unified IoT platform of easy-to-use features that make it easy to connect monitor and manage all your “things”. Whether you’re planning to deploy thousands of devices or just a few to start out, the inhedron IoT Portal offers complete access to a range of enterprise-grade features, tools and resources. The trial includes access to our developer kit with extensive resource libraries for rapid prototyping. Our trial has no time limit and includes an allotment of 10 connected devices and 10MB of Cloud storage, so you can focus on building apps, not infrastructure. Apply for your free trial and discover the many benefits of the unified inhedron IoT Portal.

inhedron Ready

The inhedron Ready is a comprehensive product validation and certification program designed to promote successful adoption of your inhedron-powered IoT application. Our product certification program ensures your products are fully endorsed by inhedron and have been specifically engineered for simple, quick, and reliable integration with the inhedron IoT platform. In addition the program includes a broad range of business and operation support services to ensure your product launch is a success. Some of these services include access to the inhedron IoT Portal, lead and revenue sharing, referral incentives, sales collaboration and marketing training. Discover how to leverage the inhedron ecosystem of unified IoT enablement solutions and grow your sustainable business.